Enormous jackpots and bonuses available at the slot machine in online casino

There are three separate jackpots in this game, which can be viewed above the reels in Safe 1, Safe 2 and Safe 3. You are only eligible for one of these when playing the full 20 paylines per spin.

 The general gameplay is very smooth, the player controls are responsive and the graphics and audio are fantastic. If you enjoy the show, you should love this slot. is the online gambling site which offers smooth and comfortable playing experience to the players. The level of comfort is high when compared to the other gambling site. The satisfaction of the players and gamblers is high to win more cash. The experience of the people is amazing and fantastic. 

 The symbols on the reels consist of J’s, Q’s, K’s, A’s, the D.O.N.D Mug, the Bankers Book, The game show Contestant Podium, the Bankers Wax Seal, the Banker Himself (although it’s just a silhouette) and the top two paying symbols are the RED MYSTERY BOX and the GOLD MYSTERY BOX.

 The symbols are the WILD symbols. These substitute all other symbols on the reels apart from the SCATTER symbols. The symbols are the TELEPHONE’S. When 3, 4 or 5 of these scatters appear across the reels, one of the bonus features is triggered. The two main features are: THE REEL BANKER and the BANKER’S BEST OFFER.

 If you trigger The Reel Banker feature, you get the chance to play unlimited FREE SPINS with DOUBLE WINS until the banker appears on reel 3 (the centre reel). All you have to do is hit play and watch those wins come in. Prizes are instantly added to your balance.

 The main feature, The Banker’s Best Offer, is also triggered in the same way. After this has been triggered, you will be offered up to 10 bankers offers. Each prize is different and will not be repeated. The wins are all worth between 1 to 20 times your stake.

 The mystery values will fluctuate and you can either choose to accept or decline each one. If you choose to decline an offer, it cannot be reclaimed. If you haven’t accepted any of the offers, you will have to take the 10th offer.

 You can place a bet on this slot from as little as 0.20 coins up to a maximum of 5.00 coins per spin, plus there is an autoplay feature that allows up to 25 autospins.

 The Deal or No Deal Jackpot can be won in the following way: If this feature has been triggered, you will be presented with a lucky box. Follow the on-screen instructions and then open the remaining boxes one by one, which is similar to the actual game show. These boxes all contain cash amounts. Once a cash prize has been revealed, it will be removed from the prize board and then it cannot be won.

 After six boxes have been opened, the banker will make an offer with the catchphrase question, “Deal or No Deal?” You can accept this offer or decline it and keep going. Up to four more offers will then be made until there is only one box left unopened. Players will have the opportunity to swap that last box. You will then be awarded with what is in the box that is left on the table. The odds of being able to scoop the on this slot are1 in 26.

 This is another great game from Endemol Games which should attract millions of players. The concept is almost exactly like the TV show, which also has millions of regular viewers.