Double Bubble Slot Sites And Bonuses

Double Bubble is a video slot full of fun features for anybody and everybody who like to play and win lots and lots of money. The fun part of this game is that when you manage to score combinations of win on the five reels available in this slot, then you can multiply your bet up to 22 times.

You also get to play bonus rounds in this game, which may get you a lot of money, and you can win big to flaunt in front of your friends.

This video slot has five reels on which you have to form the combinations of your win. It has 20 bet lines, and also features bonus round and special scatter symbols. You can choose the amount of your bet and then play with the amount you like.

You can play with all the lines available which is 20, this will also increase your chances of winning. If you play with all the lines, then there is a possibility of winning 20 times of your bet. The Bet Max feature lets you play with the maximum bet without having to select all the lines and number of coins separately.

Most of the reliable online gambling sites like slot pulsa provide the players with not only the welcome bonus but also other timely basis. These varieties in the bonuses act as the attraction for the players. They love to play the game on the site as it is giving high winning.

Winning the Big Game

The wild symbol in this game is the Double Bubble symbol, which can get you the maximum payout in this game. This wild symbol will substitute or replace the symbol that you require to complete the combination of your win and if you get five double bubble symbols in a line, then you will win almost 20,000 times of the coin value that you were playing with.

A Game of Bonus

To enter the Bubble Bonus Pop round that this game features, you will have to score the bubble bonus icons on reel numbers 1, 3 and 5. Then the bonus round commences, and you will need to burst a bubble. If you get a multiplier when the bubble bursts, then your initial coin value gets multiplied by it and is added to your account. You’ll definitely win a cash prize in this bonus round.

A Game of Multiplier 22

This game has a scatter symbol and a feature, which lets you make a bubble line that appears below the reels. Also, if there is a combination that makes you win this, then your win gets multiplied by the bonus.

The scatter symbols are the symbols that appear inside the bubble in this game. This is a different feature of this game and is very engaging when you play it. The bonus multiplier that you win will be equivalent to the coins that you initially chose to play with. But a twist in this game is that if you are playing with all the 20 lines, then the multiplier that you win will be equal to 22.

This game has a lot more to offer as these scatter symbols can also get you free spins for your game. If three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, then you’re awarded 10 free spins.

Features of Double Bubble Slot that Make it More Interesting

When you click on the Spin button, then the game starts and the amount of bet gets reduced from your account. When you want to increase the number of lines that you are playing with you click on Bet One.

This game needs an Internet connection. So, it is possible that some disconnections take place and malfunctions happen. In such cases, your win that was last stored on the machine will be used to calculate your total win in the game.