Practice Tournament Play Online with these Tips


Of course, just like in any tournament or competition, you need to prepare a lot and practice should be one of your top priorities. But practice doesn’t mean just doing the same thing over and over again until you master it. Practice means knowing your weaknesses as a player and do some experimentation where you can formulate a lot of great strategies. The good news is, there are a lot of online poker websites such as slot online indonesia where you can practice and learn a lot of ideas.

Bet Sizing

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is bet sizing. You have to always keep in mind that your opponent will raise wide variety of bet sizes. You need to be aware of it and you need to determine if there is an optimum size. Usually, most of the tournament theories focus on small bet sizing. As such, always try to make small possible bet.

Postflop Betting

Postflop betting is another factor that you should carefully consider. It is an important strategy that you need to master for you to have higher chances of winning the tournament. You may want to try c-betting. You should also try variety of bet sizes that range from 1/3 pot to pot sized c-bets.

GTO play

There is a theory called game theory optimal. According to experts, this is something that you should also take into consideration. GTO is a scenario where it is important to determine what is the optimal float and size of your bet. 

Learn how to control your emotion

Last but not the least, you should be able to know how to control your emotion. This will help you do the bluffing when the opponent is trying to observe you.