Common Razz Poker Mistakes

Razz Poker can be very stimulating, both to the mind and the wallet, but there are a few common Razz Poker mistakes often made by novice players that can reverse these effects. In this article, we’ll detail the most common Razz Poker mistakes to help beginner Razz players avoid losses and maximize profits, moreover, we would recommend bandarq to our readers where they can improve their game as well. Since razz is the least player’s 7 card stud variation you will find a lot of rookie players at the tables. This article will not only help you avoid costly mistakes but will also teach you how to spot other player’s mistakes as they make them. If you are not 100% familiar with the game please read our “Razz poker rules” article. Here are some other important Razz poker strategy articles you should read.

Common Razz Poker Mistakes – Impatience

This is the biggest mistake made by players of any poker game. Lacking the patience to wait for a good starting hand, and the discipline to maintain composure during long periods of Folding often results in bad decisions. You can’t let yourself play a bad starting hand just because you have become bored. If you’re playing for profit, you must be patient.

Common Razz Poker Mistakes – Slow Playing Good Starting Hands

Many times when a player is dealt a good razz starting hand, they want to slow play it to build the pot. The only time to slow play in Razz Poker is when your Starting Hand is in the Wheel, with all cards ranking Ace through 5, and no other player is showing below 6. Razz is a Fixed Limit game, which means more people are inclined to stay in the pot anyway. If too many players stay in just because it’s cheap t do so, you run the risk of them drawing to a better hand.

Common Razz Poker Mistakes – Chasing Losses/Higher Stakes

Never, ever chase your losses. This is another common Razz Poker mistake made by novice players. Set your limits, and if you lose, let it go. Build a new bankroll and come back with a more tight Razz poker strategy. Do not make the common mistake of increasing the stakes, assuming you’ll win it all back in just a few hands. The competition becomes much more fierce at higher stakes. You should never move up to the next level until you’ve mastered the previous stakes, winning on a regular basis.

Common Razz Poker Mistakes – Bankroll Management

Last but not least, always manage your bankroll wisely. There are several factors that go into this. First off, don’t bring more than you can afford to lose. Every poker player, even the best pros, have bad days at the tables. Don’t bring the rent/mortgage payment or any other money that should be allocated elsewhere. Keep a separate stack of funds to dedicate to your poker play. Another aspect of proper bankroll management is to bring enough money to the table. Everyone has slumps of Folding, and you must bring enough forced bets to outlast them. In Fixed Limit Razz, this means bringing enough money to cover 400 Antes, plus 100 Bring-Ins. If the stakes are $2/$4, the Bring-In is $2 ($2×100=$200) and the Ante is at most $.50 ($.50×400=$200), so you’ll need at least $400 just to sit down at the table.

Finally, it’s best to keep a good portion of your bankroll aside, rather than bringing it all to a single poker table. The general rule is to bring 1/10th of your bankroll. If things don’t go so well, you still have enough to play 9 more tables. Even as a novice player, by the time you finish a few tables, you should be able to fine-tune your Razz Poker Strategy and turn the tables in your favor.