All Star Slots Now Belongs To Club World Casino

Another important and worth watching happenings in the online gambling world had recently happened, the acquisition of the All Star Slots online casino by Club World group of online casinos that is based in the United Kingdom. The transition is flawless and it never does any impact on the players because both of the casinos (All Star Slots and Club World) are operating under RTG (Realtime Gaming) Software platform. You will also get to know about 파워볼메인 in this.

The history of All Star Slots online casino is very remarkable. Since its launching in late 2008, All Star Slots is operating using the software of Wizard Gaming, a fledgling software developer for online gaming. After a year of operating from Wizard Gaming, All Star Slots online casino owners have discovered that Wizard Gaming platform did not get any good traffic, which eventually resulted for the owners of All Star Slots to have their casino transferred to a new gaming software platform and decided to operate under RTG (Realtime Gaming) software. Recently after less than a year of operating with Realtime Gaming, owners of All Star Slots again decided to sell the said online casino to a larger, more popular and reputable online casino group, the Club World Casino.

The All Star Slots online casino management has been interacted with their players in an online casino forum guide their players and inform them about the new ownership of the said casino and how the said acquisition does may affect them. The management of All Star Slots online casino said the Club World casino has made an offer with them and decided to accept, for they know that it will be for the long-run interest of the said online slots casino. Club World Casinos’ acquisition of All Star Slots online casino ensures the rapid growth of All Star Slots without even sacrificing the reputation and solid trustworthy that they already have gained. With the flawless reputation that Club World has in the online casino industry, management of All Star Slot is sure enough that their players will be well looked after. Even after the acquisition, the management of All Star Slots assures their players that the manner of accessing All Star Slots casino will never change. In addition, players balance or comp points balance will remain intact. Indeed, players will surely experience added enjoyment because Club World Casino has various promotions and tournaments.

All Star Slots online casino already had made the Club World stamp visible in their website. In addition, Club World Casino’s renowned daily promotions are already on as well and until March 4, players will have the chance to avail the 60% match-up bonus of up to $1,000 for slots, keno, and scratch card games, while players will also get a 50% match-up bonus up to $1,000 for all of the casino’s table games.

Other than the players, the affiliate marketers are the people who will be affected as well with the casino’s change of ownership. According to Club World, affiliates and their interests are safeguarded and will not be lost because Club World acquires the Affiliate Edge; the one who is managing All Start Slots’ affiliate concern as well.


Gambling and poker have not just remained about winning and losing money. There are a lot of technical things added to it and there are many additional things playing major role. It has not remained about people betting the amount they want but they have to bet the amount asked by the market.