What Is Sports Spread Betting – Know about it 

Anyone who is new to Sports Spread betting could be forgiven for feeling slightly overwhelmed when they first see all of the seemingly random numbers that are quoted next to the various sporting events.

You need to know about the Situs Slot Deposit Pulsa Tanpa Potongan rules and regulations related to the betting. The participation in the leagues and competitions at the site is beneficial after learning about the laws. Experts and professionals are also available to provide the details to the gamblers. 

Most people are used to fixed odds betting when it comes to speculating on a sporting event so the spread betting format is totally different but once you get the hang of it, sports spread betting takes the betting experience to a completely different level

So What Is Sports Spread Betting

When you place a sports spread bet you are basically betting on a prediction of a sporting event, the prediction is made by the spread betting company and the bettor has to decide if the prediction has been made to high or to low. The amount of money you can win or the amount of money you can lose depends on the size of the unit stake and how right or how wrong your judgement is.

When you compare betting like this against betting on the fixed odds markets where you know how much you are going to win or lose in advance, it is easy to see the difference and why sports spread betting is often deemed to be the more exciting of the two.

The Quote

When you come to place a spread bet you will see that there are two prices quoted and the difference between these prices is the spread. If you believe that the likely outcome of the sporting event will be lower than the spread offered you bet low which in spread betting terms is to sell, if you wish to bet in the opposite direction you bet high, which is to buy.

So. as an example. Let’s say that Arsenal are playing at home to Manchester United and you would like to place a bet. One particular bet that catches your eye is the market for the first match goal. The spread betting firm who you are betting with have the first match goal priced at 34 to sell and 37 to buy.

If you think that there will be an early goal you would sell at 34 for whatever stake size you feel comfortable with. If on the other hand you believe it will be a tight match you would buy at 37, again with a stake size of your choosing.

For arguments sake, let’s suppose a stake size of £10 and you sell at 34. You are proved to be correct and a goal is in fact scored after only 10 minutes. To work out your winning it is simply a case of the following, (34 – 10 =24) 24 x £10 = £240. As you can see, a nice profit, especially when you compare it with a fixed odds bet of £10.

As with all bets of this type, although the winning can be larger than with fixed odds betting, so can the losses. If you had made the same bet but the first goal had not been scored until the 45th minute, you would have been looking at the following loss, (45 – 34 =11) 11 x £10 = a loss of £110

As you can see with spreadbetting, the more you are right the more you will win and the more you are wrong, the more you will lose.

To cut down on the losses though a stop loss can be used so that you are aware of the total potential losses before you enter the market and this swings the advantage even further in favour of the bettor.