Spread Betting with IG Index

I’ve been spread betting since February 2009. I stumbled across financial spread betting by mistake really. I was scouring the web for online share dealing in the UK and I then I discovered spread betting. I opened my first account with Paddy Power with ¬£50 and I was away. I’m actually amazed that I didn’t discover IG Index first. Arguably the biggest provider of financial spread betting in the UK you would’ve thought that they would’ve been top of the list.

In fact it was not until two years later that I first opened a spread betting account with IG Index. I would say they definitely have the largest range of instruments of all the spread betting companies out there. But does bigger always mean better. Well there are good and bad points. Some, but not all, of the spreads are cheaper else where. The guaranteed stops can be found cheaper also. It really depends on what you are looking from your spread betting firm. I personally have accounts with most of the big named spread betting companies. This allows me to shop around for the best spread on the instrument I’m looking to trade. 

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IG Index do offer other features that are useful to the spread bettor. One of which is the advanced charting. This advanced charting is one of the best charting packages offered by spread betting companies today. You have the ability to do much more than just add moving averages to your chart. One of the best features, in my opinion, is the ability to write a stock screener. This can save you so much time of looking through charts for potential trades. Simply run your stock screener to give you a short list of potential trades. Simple.