Short Stack And Cap Game Poker An Ugly But Successful Poker Strategy

Why is short stack play on surgaslot777 so effective and profitable for so many weaker players? I have to admit right in the beginning: I do not like short-stack players at all; however, the strategy can be extremely effective and profitable. If you are a beginner, you can go ahead and try this strategy right away and make money with it! Short stack play reduces the poker skills and narrows the field to play out the weaker players. Cap game is similar but not the same situation, we will talk about that later.

Let’s see what I mean by short stack play: any player who buys in for 20-30BB. For example, you are sitting at a 6-handed table with 20BB and got dealt QK offsuit in the Cutoff. You bet 3BB and the big blind calls. The flop comes ♥J♥Q♠7. The big blind checks, you bet the pot, 6.5BB, and the big blind puts you all-in. Now, what do you do? If you are deep stacked you have a hard decision to make. Maybe your opponent has a made hand, maybe a straight or flush draw only, not even mentioning a complete bluff. Anyway, the situation is not optimal and you are facing a hard decision. In the given example the situation is a lot easier and you do not face any hard decision. You have already 9.5BB from your original twenty in the pot which is at this point 30BB and you only have to call an additional 10.5BB. That is roughly 25% of the total pot with your call, meaning no matter what your opponent has you make the call. In this situation it does not matter if your opponent has a made hand or a draw, you do not have a large stack therefore your decision is easy to make (to get even with your money if you make the call on the flop you only have to win 1 out of 5 times). You have to realize how important the size of your short stack. In a deeper stack situation your opponent might bluff you out but with the given stack sizes it is impossible!

Another example: you are dealt ♣7♣8, five players limp in; the flop is ♦5♣10♣A. This time you are on a flush draw and one player bets 5BB, another call and you are next. What do you do? You can comfortably push all-in with your 19BB. You would face a lot tougher situation if you had a deep stack. In that case, all-in is not the best option, because only those hands would call which are definitely better than yours. In this case, you do not worry about pushing all-in; if everyone folds you are happy, if they call you still have good pot odds to hit your flush. And if you made a wrong decision and ran into a higher flush draw then you lose only 19BB compared what you would have lost playing with the deep stack. As you see in the two examples short stack play is perfect for beginners to get experience in the game.

More ‘disgusting’ than the short stack play is when someone doubles up as an Another blog about short stack strategy and then sits out and leaves the table. However, I cannot blame these players because they just won’t like to make money like everyone else. Even if their strategy is not so nice. You have to realize and change gears if other players are the short stack at your table. In this case you need to be tighter than you would normally be and do not let the short stack players push you around.

Some words also about the Cap game. You can use a similar strategy (a tight-aggressive, going all in with top pair good kicker or a strong draw) and go all in without fear. The difference is that in a Cap game the relative stack sizes do not matter, because it is defined how much money you can bet in every hand. Most of the time this amount is 30BB/hand. This means if you have 67BB and your opponent has 200BB, the difference does not matter because both of you can use only 30BB in the given hand and cannot lose more than that. In this situation, the short stack strategy is also powerful, but you cannot push your opponents around, because they are also playing the same strategy!!!

If you are seeking the answer to the following question: how to learn poker? then short stack strategy can be very effective and good for your bankroll. Texas Holdem poker online gives you plenty of different possibilities to try your developing poker skills. On the other side, to be a big winner and a respected player, later on, you have to change strategy and play the more difficult deep stack game