Greatest Games I’ve Played

I’ve been playing games as long as I can remember. Growing up I had almost every system out there and still do. I’ve played a lot of games over the years. In time I came to appreciate the ones that kept me glued to my seat and took me away from bad times. Online portals such as QQ Poker PKV Games made it really easy for me to try out a bunch of my favorite games and even win money online. 

Mike Tyson’s Punch-out-

This game was developed by Nintendo, and was made in 1987 on the NES. You get to play as a small boxer named Mac, and you got to fight all these fighters that come from around the world. Once you get past them, then you face Mike Tyson himself. This is my favorite sports game of all time. The controls are smooth because you have to be precise not only throwing punches but also avoiding them. If you don’t have an NES then you can get it on the Wii’s virtual classic channel and the 3ds as well.

Contra and Super C-

Contra and Super C were both hard to pick, so it’s a tie between the two. Contra came out in 1987, and its sequel Super C came out in 1990. Both were developed by Konami and were made for the NES. You’re a one-man army unless you have a partner that has to run and shoot up an alien invasion on earth. These games have almost the same weapon power-ups and have 8 levels each. The design was crisp and difficult unmerciful. The controls were simple and the games flowed nicely. Super C can be found on the Wii classic channel. If you have Contra 4 for the Gameboy then both of these games can be unlocked.

Streets of Rage 1  amp; 2-

This is hard for me to choose one or the other again. In all three games, the plot is the same where you or a group of friends go out and beat up gangs from Mr. X. They were both made by Sega for the genesis. 1 came out in 1991, and 2 came out in 1992. I liked 3 as well but it failed short of its predecessors. In 1 the controls were easy to play. In 2 it was the same, but rather than calling for back up to bail you out in a tough situation like in 1. In 2 you have a combo move that’s different between the four characters. Both of these games, if you don’t have a Sega genesis can be played on all three modern consoles. On the Wii, it’s on the virtual console. For the PS3 and Xbox 360, Sega released its own genesis collections were all 3 games are on it. They are pretty cheap and easy to find.

Pokémon Yellow

This was developed by Nintendo for the game boy pocket in 1998. This was the sole reason why I wanted the Gameboy. It didn’t disappoint because I couldn’t keep my hands off of that Gameboy. Plus I liked Pikachu a lot and still do because of his lightning attacks. The reason why I liked it so much was that you had to use a lot of strategies to beat your opponents.

Nascar 98-

This came out in late 1997 and was made by EA Sports for both the PS1 and Sega Saturn. I had it for the PS1, and it was the first game given to me with my brand new PS1. This is the best racing game out there. I spent so many hours playing the regular season and shooting opposing drivers up with the paintball gun. Although it’s extremely ugly and outdated to most people today since the racing field is filled with a ton of games. It is still very playable and simple to play. This is still easy to find, and if you can’t find it then it can be downloaded off of the PlayStation network.

Metal Gear Solid

This was made by Konami in 1998 on the Ps1. This is the game that invented the stealth/strategy genre of video games. You are one man that has to outsmart and distract the enemies to sneak up and around to stop a nuclear holocaust. This game was important for the franchise not only was there sequels and prequels but it made its predecessors important again. Everything was perfect in this game. The dialogue, the graphics, and the gameplay were through the roof. If you can’t find a cheap copy for the ps1 there is also a remake for the Nintendo GameCube. Then there is one that was released in a box set on the PS2. Then it’s on the Playstation Network on 3 if you want to download it.


Hands down the best movie game, best first-person shooter, and best Nintendo 64 game out there. It was made by Rare in 1997. You play as Bond and the game is based mostly on the movie. Another great feature ahead of its time was the multiplayer mode were you and a group of friends play as classic bond characters trying to outduel another. This to me is way better than doom and Wolfenstein 3d. This game was remade for the newer systems but after playing all three they do not match this at all.

Well, this concludes the list of my favorite video games of all time. I just love to play a game where I can still pick up and play to this day. Not a lot of games today make me do that. That’s why I came up with this list