Great Holiday Gifts for Card Players

I believe that card-playing has become even more popular these days with the advent and expansion of all these casinos, slot online, and casino games online. Yes, there have always been those old “poker nights” with “the boys,” but now I have noticed a lot of women forming card-playing groups. The bridges have never gone out of favor but I know that many retirement communities like Sun City offer poker night affairs for a mixed group. So if you know anyone who loves cards and may even be a part of one of these new groups, why not send them something they can use with their new recreational “sport”?

Remember the old folding card tables our mothers and fathers used to get out on bridge or poker nights! I sure do. Sometimes you can pick up one of these “antiques” at estate sales, but I have found something that is even more portable! Got to this online site to check it out: It’s a folding wood tabletop complete with 500 poker chips, 5 dice, 2 decks, and its own carrying bag. So for the poker players in your life, for $98.99 you can give them something they’ll really love!

Another neat little gift for a bit less is your own personalized deck of cards. On the site, you can download any picture that you have placed on your computer and a favorite is digital family pictures. You can put anything on there you want. It requires 4 days to personalize your decks with them, so be patient. Comes in a tin box. world;%5Fcode=1 category;%5Fcode=214 subcategory;%5Fcode=214 search;%5Ftype=subcategory refer;=ls#. Sorry about the long link, folks, but it’s the only one I could get. The price is $24.95

25 red, Another item I found that was really neat is a Bicycle Executive Poker set for just $14.99. plus S H; of course. It comes with 25 red, 25 blue and 50 red poker chips.

It comes with its own wood case with a cherry finish and a glass lid etched with the Bicycle logo. Every item in the box – the cards, the chips, and the dice comes in its own compartment – and all are high quality. This seems like a very good buy given the quality of the cards and case. sa;=0 offers another gift which might be great for people who have some spare time at home or work and just want to test their skills at Texas Hold’em a facsimile of a real live poker tournament. This electronic game gives you 5 imaginary players and a choice of 8 different playing styles. If you know someone who’s in a poker club or just likes the game, buy this for them so they can hone their skills!

I include two informational items here as gifts because they are affordable and because you can’t go wrong with them. They will be appreciated.

Scroll down to the third link. This is one of the Dummy series and is a staple in many seasoned card players’ libraries. I personally know regular card players who refer back to it from time to time. The great thing about all the Dummy series is that they are well organized, explained clearly and plainly, and are all well cross-referenced and indexed. This would be a must-have for any beginning or seasoned card player who needs a good reference book for his/her library. This site will give you several places to purchase the book, so browse and choose one at incredible prices. Your card devotee may thank you tenfold!

There’s also another informational item on this site, Phil Hellmuth’s Million Dollar Poker System for mid-level poker players. This is a DVD, so might not be for everyone, but it’s surely worth a look for your budding poker friends. This is only Volume 1 and when you order you might want to consider Volume 2 for next year’s disc. Lots of accolades on this site. This book is written by Paul Hellmuth, “widely renowned at the greatest poker player of all time, Paul Hellmuth was the youngest player ever to win the World Series of Poker” and would be a must-have for all serious poker players.