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Learn how to play blackjack online with us, the gambling and online casino pros behind Start Gambling. We know what its like to be new to the gameweve all been therewhich is why we present blackjack rules and strategies in a basic, simple manner. Read the below blackjack basics and start gambling today.

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Blackjack Basics

Whether one is starting out with Blackjack in the online realm or through live play in casinos, the rules will pretty much be the same regardless. The tables featured at gambling venues typically have limits starting anywhere from $1 and going all of the way up to $1,000. A person will also usually find that their table seats 1 to 5 players and that there is a dealer distributing the cards.

All of the players at the table will receive a couple of starting cards with which they can then begin to make decisions based off of. And these decisions include the choice to stay on what they currently have, double down on the bet they have on the table, split their hand, or hit for another card. The goal in the end is to form a hand(s) that is capable of being on or as close to the number 21 as possible. Hit 22 or more and your hand is busted with a lost bet. Fortunately, the dealer has to abide by this same rule too.

However, the dealer does get the advantage of going after everyone else has acted though they have to hit the number 17 before they can stay. Face cards that the dealer and players receive are all worth 10 while the ace can equal 1 or 11 depending on where a persons hand stands. Anybody who gets a 21 right away is an automatic winner and they win one and a half times their original bet.

Blackjack Tips

The basis for all fundamental Blackjack strategy begins with what the dealer is holding on their first card. Whatever the dealers first card is goes a long way to helping the people at the table decide what their going to do with regards to hitting, doubling down, splitting, or staying. Solid Blackjack strategy says to stay with your hand if its a 12 or above when the dealer is holding cards 4 through 6.

If someone has cards that are lower than a 17 and the dealer is sitting back with a 2, 3 or even 7 then its definitely a good time to hit. This is due to the fact that the dealer has a quality chance of beating any hands less than 17 in this case as long as they dont bust (which is unlikely). Anytime the dealer is sitting pretty with a 10 or ace then a person needs to hit until theyve at least achieved a 17 or higher just to have a chance.

When it comes to splitting, players are best served splitting 8s and aces whenever the chance arises. But they should avoid splitting up two 10s because this would mean that they would be ruining a great hand. And the last thing a person wants to do is break apart a 20 as these hands dont just drop out of the sky.