Are You a Serious Gamer or Just a Player?

Many of you work for companies that provide a computer connected to the Internet and your number keeps growing. Also, almost everyone these days has a personal computer connected to the Internet at home. Many people like to play their favourite games on platforms such as Pkv which has made gaming quite easy for players. 

What do you do when you get bored or need a break? A few years back, you would normally play Solitaire hoping your boss would not notice you. These days more and more people get online to play games. The offer is huge. You can play small animated games that help you get rid of boredom, or test your dexterity and intelligence, or addicting text based games. While being at home, the offer is even bigger due to games you can purchase and play not necessary online, but let’s get a bit into the deepest holes of online games.

People like those small Flash games. There’s no need for long lists of complicated rules or how-to-play tutorials, you just load it and play it using just a few keys on your keyboard or the mouse only. Sitting back on your chair in a break at work and enjoying it like this can be extremely relaxing. Many people use to play them during schedule too, but we all need a short break once in a while, don’t we?

Let’s get now into the text based games. Text based games do not have any graphics. They are text based. At first sight, they do not capture attention. But once you give the game a try and learn how to play it, things change. Many text based games are team based, so you get to interaction with people from all over the world. You get to know the people first and you easily discover the secrets of the game. Soon, you will start setting up schedules in the game. Let’s take for instance a warring game. You would like to be online when your team mates attack, so you all make a full organized wave. A few months later you will start to go to sleep a bit later than normal or wake up a bit earlier, due to the game schedule, or wake up at 4 AM to do various things. So, in just a few years, you get addicted to such a game. They have a destructive effect on people.

Have you ever heard of World Of Warcraft (WOW)? WOW is a game people play online, in clans and teams. You might have seen in the news, or at the television, various cases of such addicted people. Let me give you a few samples. One female WOW player from UK died after spending almost 5 days in front of the computer playing. Previously, her husband also abandoned her. How about the shooter Counter Strike fanatic who bought a gun and started to actually play Counter Strike on the street, in the real life?

However, good things happen too due to these addictive online games. As many people interaction inside, they get to know each other very good and some of them even build strong relationships and travel half the Earth just to get to the other one and get married. There are a few such happy cases too, but unfortunately, the sad shocking cases prevail.

Basically, online games, as long as not those simple, small Flash games, cause the destruction of a man. So stick to the simple games you play at work while your boss is not watching and that would be infinitely better than becoming one of those who lose their human side.